Our Mission

Have you ever dreamt of sleeping under a starry sky from the cosiness of your home? 


Our mission at Create Your Sky is to provide you with the tools to build a scaled representation of the sky constellations yourself, wherever you want, in an easy, fun and affordable way. 

How? With stars made of an adhesive vinyl with a high-quality glowing pigment that will amaze you how intensely and for how long they can glow. 

Many of us had glowing stars in our bedroom ceilings as children. But did you have a scaled representation of the actual starry sky? With us you can!




The available skies


Your personal sky can be either an independent constellation or a desired section of the starry sky. It will include all stars that you would be able to see with your naked eyes in a dark place. Technically, we would say that the skies of Create Your Sky include all stars that have a minimum apparent magnitude of 5 or brighter.

The positions and sizes of the stars are based on the astrometric Hipparcos Catalogue published in 1997 and prepared by the European Space Agency under the mission “ESA Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission”. The sizes of the stars are grouped in three categories for sake of simplicity.

Each sky can be ordered in smaller or bigger, but always predefined dimensions. These are calculated to ensure that the shape of the constellations is preserved and that the sky occupies most of the selected area. The maximum available size is 2 x 2 m. Larger sizes are given under request.

Currently, a limited set of constellations are available for purchase. We plan to gradually extend the offer to the officially 88 constellations as the demand increases. If you would like a constellation that is not available at the moment, please contact us and we will prepare it for you!

Who can enjoy our skies?


The skies of Create Your Sky are educational, decorative and romantic. They contribute to bringing calmness and peacefulness into your dark room.  They encourage you to think about the vastness of the Cosmos, and help you reconnect with nature. 

They can be enjoyed by:

  • children, teenagers and adults;
  • couples and parents;
  • astronomy enthusiasts and those who would like to learn more about it;
  • those who are suffering from too much stress and are searching for additional ways to relax;
  • hoteliers who would like to give a special touch to their rooms;
  • day-care centres and schools;
  • medical centres wanting to give additional comfort to their patients; 
  • teachers who want to motivate interest in astronomy and science. 


Order your night sky and let yourself be carried away by the stars!